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3 days ago

Durango PlayFest

Welcome to PlayFest Community Desk! In the coming weeks, we'll be profiling some of our illustrious alumni and finding out where they've been working and drawing creative inspiration. We're starting with Director Christy Montour Larson
The talented Christy Montour-Larson directed the reading of Lee Blessing’s A Body of Water at Durango PlayFest 2018. For the PlayFest Community Desk, she shares a picture of her current workspace and some thoughts about how the pandemic has impacted her creative life…

MY DESK…in the basement of my house, which is nice on hot days like today. Most recently, it has been used as a sewing table to make masks for my family and friends.

WHERE DO I DRAW INSPIRATION? I draw a lot of inspiration from gardening. Lately I have learned to look at things from a different perspective, that optimism is important and it is ok to be alone sometimes.

HOW HAS COVID GOTTEN ME OUT OF THE BOX? My family started a weekly zoom meeting to check in with each other, which has gotten us closer. I made bread from scratch for the first time. I started doing yoga three times a week and can now touch my toes.

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