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2 hours ago

Durango PlayFest

HAPPY 4TH 💥💥💥from our Community Desk! Dawn O’Leary was scheduled to bring her play, A Delicate Arrangement to Durango this summer. Instead she's sharing her desk with us:

This is where I've been working since I abandoned my little home office.

Before Coronavirus (a new connotation for B.C.?), I'd been planning to move to a different apartment. I hoped I could accomplish this before summer, to a place with central air. So I was happily cleaning things out, when all of a sudden everything changed—but not in the way I'd been hoping for.

Now I wasn't the only one working from home. My building is very adjacent to another one, and the noise from home-bound neighbors (exacerbated by summer, and open windows) was so distracting that my only "inspiration" was to flee to my much-quieter dining room.

I miss the wall hangings and memorabilia that always inspired me in my little office—the Steiff lion and little horses that I loved as a kid, and a trophy (broken) from a poetry contest in sixth grade. One thing I did import (on the stand, far left) is a framed page from "Frog and Toad," with Toad banging his head on the wall while "trying to think of a story."

But the dining room table is much bigger than my desk, so I can spread out my projects. This table is my Center now. I spent the first eight weeks of isolation here completing a novel; now I've begun sending out queries to get it published. This center is for emails and video conferences, as well as for dining, of course, and magazines and doing my finances and keeping Mother's Day cards handy so I can re-read them. The "book" is actually a box, filled with office supplies. When my trusty old day book landed here, and my Dickens coaster, I had officially "moved" in the only way I can right now. Like everyone else: Plans are plans until they aren't.

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