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By Richard Dresser

A couple living on a small island off the coast of Maine invites the neurotic husband’s college roommate and his conservative trophy wife for a weekend visit – only to discover that long-buried secrets unmoor both couples and the “good old days” may not have been so good after all.

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By Deb Hiett

Seventeen years after the loss of her young husband from cancer, Mia meets a teenager who believes he is the reincarnation of her late husband. When the teen and his mom come to Mia’s house for lunch, his uncanny memories force Mia to face her doubts, her past, and the whole truth.

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By James Anthony Tyler

During his late-night commute on the A train, Harlem native Tyrone tries to impress Niesha, his coworker at a nightclub, who just wants to read her book and pass the ride in silence. But as they travel uptown, the two forge an unlikely connection that extends beyond the confines of the subway car.

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By Kathleen Cahill

A young Albert Einstein meets the brilliant Mileva Marić when they are physics students at the Zurich Polytechnic. Their deep emotional, intellectual and physical connection results in a ground-breaking scientific theory – but only one of them gets the credit. We know what becomes of him. This is a play about her.

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