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Ghost Story

When Lydia meets a guy at a bar and brings him home for what she thinks is a one-night stand, things get complicated. They could hardly be more different: she’s 40, he’s 28; she’s black, he’s white; she’s a New Yorker and he’s from the Midwest. And the fact that he’s actually hoping for something more. Not to mention, her new apartment might very well be haunted. A play about ghosts – both literal and metaphorical – and the ways we try to move forward.

Sitting & Talking

Charles and Enid are in their sixties and have never tried online dating – especially not over video chat. But in the midst of a global pandemic, there’s a first time for everything. A love story about a terrible year and the vulnerable, awkward, and sometimes hilarious path to companionship.


The Family Line

Finn’s mother has died suddenly from Covid. He’s a mixed-race 15-year-old who must now be transported to his estranged father. No one dares fly, so Finn’s white grandfather Jonah (whom he’s never met) is tasked with making the nonstop, cross-country drive. They spend 24 hours together, each getting to know a perfect stranger at the most imperfect time. Will they find common ground? Will they get there at all? Are they a family in name only, or something more?

Golden Gate

Widowed at 58, Beth can’t take any more grief books or yoga classes. Her new plan? Jump off the Golden Gate Bridge. But before Beth can take the leap, she is rudely interrupted by Izzie, a rambunctious young backpacker, and Elle, a reluctantly single thirty-something professional. Rather than face the police, Beth agrees to spend the night with the world’s worst Good Samaritans.




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