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By William Ludel

Arthur Goldman is preparing to celebrate his 70th birthday. His party guests include his wife, his best friend and a visitor from his past. But Artie finds he can no longer distinguish what’s real from what isn’t – and what secrets his loved ones may be keeping from him.

By David Myers

400 years of history on one piece of property in Virginia unfolds through an intimate relationship between father and son – a multi-generational reckoning with race, debt and the historical forces running in our veins.

By Alex Riad

A soon to be married couple, living in a conservative state, embark on a road trip for an abortion as they struggle to keep their relationship together.

By Molly Carden

A rollercoaster ride that moves around in time and place, between psychiatric hospitals, Starbucks, and drama school, finding levity and humor in strange and dark places. Content warning: contains themes of suicide and mental illness.